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About the College

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Located in the heart of Cambridge, St John's is one of the oldest college in the University, founded in 1511 by Lady Margaret Beaufort. 

The College has a rich history and is the alma mater of many notable scientists, physicians and surgeons. Amongst the world-renown alumni, which includes Nobel Laureates in Medicine,  the college and society maintains strong bonds with its alumni, recently visiting the Royal Society of Medicine courtesy of alumnus of John's and current President of the RSM, Prof Roger Kirby. 

St John's boasts some of best architecture in the world, with internationally renowned sites, such as the Bridge of Sighs (pictured right).

The Chapel is the tallest building in Cambridge and marvels some impressive sights (pictured below), granting you a view over Cambridge and the rest of John's, which is the largest college by area!

Found on the aptly named St John's Street, St John's is one of the more central colleges in the University - and it certainly has it's perks: being under 10 minutes to walk from college to New Museum Site, where the vast majority of preclinical lectures are held, all whilst being only 2 minutes away from nearest supermarket! 

A picturesque home

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Cambridge will not only be a place where you learn, grow and explore but will be your home for 6 years. And where better to find your home comforts than at John's. 

Whether you are a keen sportspersons, musician or anything in between, you can find the stuff that matters here. From sports grounds and facilities (including cricket, rugby, football, hockey pitches and netball, basketball, squash, badminton courts with much more than this list can handle) to more practical aspects such as a free(!) laundry room - life at John's makes settling in as easy as possible and living here as fun as possible! 

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