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The Society

The Committee

Previous Committees


Presidents: Arnav Sharma & Amy Cooper
Junior Treasurer: Vinu Nathan
Secretary: Aimée Schilder
Communications Officer: Andrew Lim
Social Secretaries: Daisy Williams & Tom Theakston
Welfare Officer: Lily Fisher
Academic Officer: Emma Cohen
Veterinary Representative: Emily Ma


Presidents: Yusuf Adia & Mariam Bihnam

Junior Treasurer: Arnav Sharma

Secretary: Amy Cooper

Communications Officer: Suley Noordeen

Social Secretaries: Zahir Shah & Emma Cohen

Welfare Officers: Aditi Chandana & Arefin Haque

Veterinary Representative: Lana Rogan


Presidents: Will Tan & Annabel Poon

Junior Treasurer: Yusuf Adia

Secretary: Mariam Bihnam

Communications Officer: Suley Noordeen

Social Secretaries: Jay Pantling & Emily Smith

Welfare Officers: Martha Kingsley & Bilal Qureshi

Veterinary Representative: Tabitha Stafford


Presidents: Anna Stevenson & Emma Warburton 

Junior Treasurer: Annabel Poon

Secretary: Will Tan

Communications Officer: Firnaaz Mohideen & Adarsh Menon

Social Secretaries: Emily Smith & Magda Syzbka

Welfare Officers: Matthew Roxby & Bilal Qureshi

Veterinary Representative: Florrie Clark

Our Aims

Academic Opportunities

From talks from the ex-Director of NICE, President of the Royal Society of Medicine and world leading oncologists to student run insights into subject choices for 3rd year, a dedicated portal for MCQ and Essay practice and bi-termly seminar, the breadth of academic resources available through the society, on top of college directed supervisions, provides an unparalleled level of support

Social Integration

With one of the larger medic and vet cohorts across the University, social events run through the society provide a fun and exciting ways for medics and vets to enjoy themselves, ranging from garden parties to swaps with other colleges and minigolf. 

Welfare Support

On top of the College and University level support systems in place, more informal welfare events are run through the society to help soothe the what-can-be action packed 8 week terms. 


The constitution is reviewed and if needed amended at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Please find the latest AGM minutes below.

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